Mint Hill, NC

Public Meetings During States of Emergency

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the State of North Carolina has imposed extraordinary measures in an unprecedented effort to slow the transmission of the virus and reduce the impact of the pandemic on our health care services and our vulnerable citizens.

One of these extraordinary measures includes changing the way our Town does its public business while we remain under this state of emergency. To comply with social distancing guidelines, the Town has transitioned our regular meetings of the Board of Commissioners to this electronic meeting format. This allows us to get on with the business of the Town in a safe manner while ensuring public engagement and participation. Here is what we have implemented:

First, we have prohibited the public's physical attendance at this meeting to avoid a mass gathering of 25 or more people in one room.

Second, we have rearranged our seating to ensure at least six feet of space between each of us that are in attendance.

Third, we have implemented technology that allows you all to hear and participate in our public meetings through the internet.

Fourth, The Board will hear public comment by email only. Please email your comments to, on or before the day of the meeting at 5 p.m. Please include your name and address and your comment will be read into the record at the appropriate time.

Comments submitted anonymously will not be read into the record.

Comments are limited to three minutes per comment. The Board will allocate no more than (20 minutes) per meeting to the reading of submitted Public Comment.

Comments are to be directed to the entire board as a whole and not individuals.

Comments are expected to be civil and within reasonable standards of courtesy.

Comments that include vulgarity, slander, name calling, personal attacks or threats will not be read into the record.

All comments will be maintained as a public record and included in the minutes of the meeting.

We appreciation your participation and continued cooperation as we work our way through this crisis.