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Please consult our Building Permits page for more detailed information on when a building permit is required and how to acquire one from Mecklenburg County. 

If your accessory structure is 12 feet or less in every dimension, then please visit our Zoning Permits page for information on the application, fee, and accessory structure requirements.

Whether your project requires a building permit or a standalone zoning permit, please refer to the Accessory Structures section of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO): Section 6.9.7

Sign PermitsSigns in Mint Hill require a permit. Please consult Section 6.5  of the UDO and the Sign Permits page for the online application and

Common Resident FaqsPlease refer to the PDF here for answers to some of our most common questions, including fencing, home occupations, and more.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Customary home occupations are permitted provided zoning regulations are met and a permit is obtained from the Mint Hill Planning Department. For further information call (704) 545-9726. The Customary Home Occupation regulations come from Section 6.9.1 of the UDO.
A permit is not required for the installation of a fence. However, there are regulations found in our Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Section 6.9.2 that must be met. In general, with the exception of the Downtown Overlay District, the maximum height of a fence in the front yard is 5 feet, the side and rear yards can be a maximum of 7 feet. All fences should be placed in a manner so that they can be maintained on-site by the property owner. Fences cannot be placed in the right-of-way.

The Definition Of Deck, Found In Section 2.4 Of The Mint Hill Unified Development Ordinance (Udo) Is "A Structure Without A Roof, Either Freestanding Or Attached To A Building, Which Is Supported By Posts Or Pillars."

What If My Proposed Deck Encroaches Into The Setback?

In Section 6.1.7 Of The Udo, There Are Certain Items That Are Allowed To Project Into The Required Setbacks, Including Decks. Any Deck Not More Than 6 Feet Above The Finished Grade Level Shall Not Project More Than 25% Into Any Required Setback.

Deck Enclosures

A Deck Enclosure Would Include Roofing And Screening The Sides Of An Area On A Deck To Protect That Area From Outside Wind And Rain.

Can I Encroach Into The Setback With My Deck Enclosure, Too?

No. Encroachment Of A Deck Enclosure Into The Setback Is Not Allowed. If A Deck Does Encroach Into The Setback, Only The Portion That Does Not Encroach Would Be Permitted To Be Enclosed.

Permitting - Who May Be Involved In The Permitting Process?

The Mint Hill Planning Department Can Answer Questions, Although All Permitting Actions Will Be Completed By Mecklenburg County Officials.

Contact Mecklenburg County

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