Mint Hill, NC

Signs FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions About Signage

The Town’s sign regulations can be found in Mint Hill's Unified Development Ordinance (UDO),  PART III, Unified Development Ordinance, Article 6, Section 6.5 Signs. Definitions of the code are located in Article 2, Section 2.4 Terms Defined.
We are having a promotion this weekend; can I place signs around Town?

According to Section 6.5.4(A) All portable signs are prohibited.

o Section 2.4 defines Portable Signs as any sign not permanently attached to the ground or other permanent structure, nor specifically constructed for such attachment; or a sign designed to be transported, including, but not limited to, the following: signs designed to be transported by means of wheels; signs converted to A- or T-frames; gas or hot air-filled balloons.

▪ Is there a permit I can apply for to place signs around Town for a business event or other charitable event?

The Town’s ordinance does not currently have regulations for temporary sign permits.

▪ How do I obtain a sign permit application for my new business/church or principal use/structure?

Applications for permanent signage can be found by visiting

▪ Can my business sign be installed in a projection style or hanging type sign?

Section 6.5.5(B) requires that all signs attached to a structure be located flat against the wall.

Please contact Margie Nichols, Code Enforcement Officer with any questions at 704-545-9726 or send an email to