Mint Hill, NC

Employment Information

WHO WE AREThe Mint Hill Police Department is a professional department dedicated to protecting the local community, improving the quality of life and reducing crime. Compromised of 48 sworn police officers and 3 civilian employees, we are always looking to recruit individuals who share a passion for law enforcement. We recognize that completing our sworn duties and making the community feel safe involves more than just us, so we utilize collaborative efforts with residents, businesses, and officials. 

The goal of the Mint Hill Police Department is to uphold the values and expectations of a police officer. In order to do so, we are constantly updating strategies and performances to inhibit crime. We believe in engaging our community and preparing them with the proper tools to minimize the opportunities of victimization as well as working together to solve large problems within our area. The Mint Hill Police Department is dedicated to preventing crime but also takes the necessary steps to enforce the law and arrest individuals who break it. 

Every officer, staff, and volunteer member of the department take their sworn duty very seriously. With continuing efforts to be innovative, functional, and professional, we are committed to partnering with and protecting all aspects of the Mint Hill community. 

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