Mint Hill, NC

Active Projects

There are many types of projects that could be underway in Mint Hill including:
  • Town projects (typically sidewalks, road maintenance, and stormwater repairs)
  • CLT Water projects (public drinking water and sewer projects)
  • North Carolina DOT (state roads/highways repairs, maintenance, and expansions)
  • Private development (neighborhoods, commercial buildings/centers)
  • Mecklenburg County (County parks)
  • Private utilities (Duke Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas, AT&T, etc)
Information for all Town projects can be found here. Use the website navigation menu to choose between Town Projects and Other Projects. Town staff strives to stay abreast of all projects happening in Mint Hill, especially large-scale or otherwise impactful work. Details for non-Mint Hill projects is best obtained from the respective entity performing the work. Contact info to those agencies may be found here as well.

Land development (residential and commercial) projects are not listed here. Information on those types of projects can be found in the Planning Department's pages.

Use the navigation menu to choose which type of projects you'd like to see.

For more information on any of these projects:

Town Project Inquiry