Mint Hill, NC

Softball/Volley Ball Fields

The Town of Mint Hill owns, operates and maintains the Park on Wilgrove located at 7750 Jim Harper Lane and the Mint Hill Veterans Memorial Park located at 8850 Fairview Road.  The parks are open to the public seven days a week.  The facilities include athletic fields, tennis and beach volleyball courts, playgrounds, walking trails, and disc golf.  Both parks maintain athletic fields for organized and free-play sports, facilities for residents to engage in physical activities and serve as host site for family friendly events.

To make a reservation, visit and create an free account. The fees to reserve facilities at the parks vary depending on whether or not you are a Town resident.

(Field Rentals are subject to a 2-hour minimum and 8 hour maximum)

Veterans Memorial Park    
Softball-Multi-Use-Field (no lights) $10 per hour $20 per hour
Park on Wilgrove    
Softball Field $15 per hour $30 per hour
Lighting Fees $25 per night $50 per night
The Add-On-Light-Fee must be paid when a reservation is made.

Veterans Memorial Park    
Court #1 $5 per hour $10 per hour
Court #2 $5 per hour $10 per hour

NOTE:  Proof of residency and Liability Insurance must be provided for all field reservations.