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Mint Hill Residents,

Revaluation is a process required by North Carolina law where all property (land and buildings within Mecklenburg County) is revalued to its current market value as of Jan. 1.  To meet expectations in a fast-growing region, Mecklenburg County conducts a revaluation every four years.  Because property taxes are based on a property's market value, without periodic revaluation, some property owners would pay more than their share of property tax while others would pay less than their share. Revaluation resets property tax values so all taxpayers pay their fair share.

Mecklenburg County started mailing out notices this past Friday to match the most current real estate market as of January 1, 2023.   If you have any questions or issues with your revaluation, please contact the County Assessor’s office directly at or 980-314-4226. The deadline to file a formal appeal for your 2023 property valuation is Friday, June 9, 2023.

Spring is here and we are starting to hear complaints about unkept property.  The Mint Hill Code Enforcement Department enforces the Town’s Nuisance Ordinance and sections of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).  Our goal is to educate and provide services to residents and business owners regarding the Towns' codes. The most common complaints the department receives are high grass, junk cars, parking on front lawn areas, junk, and illegal signage. If you have a code enforcement complaint about a specific property, we highly recommend you complete the form on our website. The form will allow you to enter the details of the complaint and stay in contact with automatic email updates from the Town.

For complaints about barking dogs, please call the Mint Hill Police Department at 704-889-2231. All other complaints related to animals should be reported directly to Animal Control.

For general questions and messages, you can always contact the Code Enforcement Department at 704-545-9726.

Enjoy your week.  I hope to see you around Town.

Brad Simmons
Mint Hill Mayor

Mint Hill Events

Mint Hill Events, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization staffed by volunteers dedicated to bringing safe, family friendly events in a healthy and artistic atmosphere to the Town of Mint Hill fostering community pride and civic involvement.  Mint Hill Events, Inc. is also responsible for planning events to celebrate, promote, enhance, preserve and support community engagement.
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