Mint Hill, NC



The Town of Mint Hill is partnered with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services (CMSWS) to manage stormwater within the Town limits. The partnership allows the Town efficiently meet local, state, and federal requirements related to stormwater. Those requirements span a wide spectrum of issues related to water that falls from the sky and the responsible management of it such as: water quality in our natural streams; sediment and erosion control from land-disturbing activities; street and structure flooding mitigation; drainage system repair and maintenance; stormwater infrastructure inspection (for example, retention ponds and other stormwater control measures); public outreach and education about stormwater; and illicit discharge of non-stormwater into our drainage systems and natural waterways.

This partnership between the Town and CMSWS is highly beneficial to the residents of Mint Hill as it ensures thorough management of all things "stormwater" within the Town limits without requiring additional Town staff dedicated solely to administering an individual stormwater program. It also allows the Town to utilize the vast resources of Mecklenburg County for things like well-trained staff to inspect and monitor infrastructure (that is: pipes, ditches, culverts, etc.), inform and educate the public about stormwater issues, and to document stormwater issues that are called in by residents via the 311 phone system.

To obtain information regarding activities undertaken to protect and restore water quality in our storm sewer systems, creeks and lakes, including volunteer opportunities please visit our website at


CMSWS manages the administration of the Town's stormwater program. This generally includes:

  • Record keeping
  • State and federal permitting (such as the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit)
  • Inspections of new stormwater infrastructure
  • Investigations of drainage issues and stormwater pollution reported through 3-1-1

The Mint Hill Public Works Department's role in stormwater is typically:

  • Receiving new drainage issue reports from the CMSWS investigator
  • Either working on qualifying drainage issues with in-house staff or contracting the work out to private contractors
  • Assisting in new stormwater infrastructure inspection (i.e. in new neighborhood developments)

In all cases, Town staff is included to some degree on all stormwater issues related to Mint Hill, even those issues determined to be non-qualifying. The partnership with CMSWS is intended to work as an extension of Town staff and it is regularly monitored to ensure optimum customer service is being provided to our residents.


Please call 3-1-1 (or 704-336-7600) and tell them you have a stormwater issue to report. The operator will take your name, contact info, and a description of the problem. Someone will visit the reported location (typically within one week) to investigate and determine if the problem qualifies for repair under the stormwater program).

For general questions regarding the Town's stormwater program, please call the Town Engineer, Steve Frey, at 704-545-9726.