Mint Hill, NC

Town Projects

Current Active Town ProjectsThese projects are ongoing large-scale projects that are administered by Town staff. Not included in this list are routine and/or small-scale infrastructure repair and maintenance work performed by Public Works.

For questions about any of these projects, please use the contact form below or call Town Hall at 704-545-9726.

Public Services FacilityThe Mint Hill Public Services Facility is a multi-use site proposed for a Town-owned parcel on Lebanon Road near the intersection with Margaret Wallace Road. The Facility will house a new fire station, a public works facility, a fuel depot, and a police department storage facility.

This project is a design-build delivery and is preparing for permitting and bidding.  The tentative opening for this facility is early 2024.

SidewalksThe Town has installed a new type of signalized crosswalk on Lebanon Road. Similar to a standard signalized crosswalk you may find a traffic signal, Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (or, RRFB's) are activated by the pedestrian when they want to cross the road. Yellow strobe lights flash to alert drivers in addition to high-visibility signage. There are two of these RRFB crossing on Lebanon Road with more likely to be implemented in other locations in the future.

Wilgrove-Mint Hill/Wilson Grove/Lawyers Road (EB-6051)

This project is a Federally-funded grant award that will complete the sidewalk network around a significant portion of Mint Hill. It will begin at Wilgrove Park on Wilgrove-Mint Hill Road, continue to Wilson Grove Road to complete the remaining portion from Central Drive to Wilgrove-Mint Hill Road, and also complete the remaining portion on Lawyers Road from Apple Creek Drive to Wilson Grove Road. Altogether, this project will complete a 7-mile loop around Mint Hill. 

The project is currently in the planning & design phase which is anticipated to last through 2023, followed by bidding, then construction in 2023-24.

Town Park Projects

Veterans Memorial Park Soccer Fields

This project will replace the two existing grass soccer fields at Veterans Memorial Park with two synthetic turf fields. When completed, the fields will feature striping for full-size soccer, full-size football, and half-sized (youth) soccer. The fields will also be lighted following completion of the LED sports lighting project (see below).

This project is currently under construction. The soccer fields and paved walking path around them are closed to visitors during this time. Please obey this closure, even if the are appears to be safe and/or no work is happening. There are many hazards that may be unseen. This project is anticipated to be completed in May 2023.

Veterans Memorial Park Tennis Courts

The lower four-bay tennis courts were reconstructed to alleviate drainage issues. In the process of reconstruction, the Town replaced one of the tennis courts with two pickleball courts. One of the remaining tennis courts was also striped for pop tennis as well.

For information about pickleball, visit:
For information about pop tennis, visit:

As a reminder, only traditional tennis/pop tennis and pickleball may be played on the courts. Any other use of the courts is prohibited.

This project was completed using Federal ARPA funds at a cost of $225,000.
Veterans Park Tennis Courts Rebuild - Copy (2)

Veterans Memorial Park Toddler Playground

The toddler playground has reached its useful lifespan with replacement/repair parts becoming obsolete and unavailable. This project will replace the playground (everything except the swing sets) with a new playground featuring inclusive items for children with disabilities.

This project is under construction and is anticipated to be completed in January 2023. The playground area is closed during construction with fencing and signage. Please obey the closure at all times! There are many hazards that may be unseen. The lower playground , sandbox, picnic shelter, and swings will remain open during construction.

LED Sports Lighting at Wilgrove and Veterans Memorial Park

This project will bring new LED lighting to the Veterans Memorial Park soccer fields and replace existing lighting at the tennis courts, Wilgrove Park softball field, and Wilgrove tennis courts.

This project has begun the construction phase and is anticipated to last through the end of January 2023.

Brief Road Park

The Town-owned 27 acres across Brief Road from the Mint Hill Athletic Association facility will be developed into a low-impact park featuring a dog park, a playground, and hiking trails. These improvements will be constructed in such a manner as to not hinder the possible future development of the site into a full-featured park at a later date.

This project is currently in design. Construction is anticipated to last approximately 6-8 months once started. An opening date is not yet known.