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  • Police Department

    Mission Statement The mission of the Mint Hill Police Department is to fulfill its duties in a fair, professional, and dignified manner so as to inspire and maintain the public's confidence and trust by enhancing the

    • Chief's Message

      Welcome I believe the Mint Hill Police Department is one of the most professional law enforcement organizations in the country. Through their dedication and sacrifice, the men and women of this department have accomplished exceptional deeds

      • History

        History of the Mint Hill Police Department The Town of Mint Hill was in a unique position of establishing its own police department during 2003. Since 1995, the Town contracted with the City of Charlotte for

    • Crime Reports

      Mint Hill Police Department Joins the National Crime Map Citizens now have free access to official, timely crime data through CrimeReports.com Have you ever seen flashing blue lights in your neighborhood and wanted to know what

      • Accident Reports
      • Holiday Crime Prevention Tips

        Prevention Tips When shopping, always keep your doors locked and all valuables hidden from view preferably locked away in your trunk. Never leave your purse in your vehicle. If possible, secure your vehicle with an additional

      • Inmate & Arrest Inquiry

        Inmate & Arrest Inquiry (Mecklenburg County) Obtaining Information To obtain arrest or inmate information for individuals held or processed at the Mecklenburg County Jail, select the appropriate link below. Arrest InquiryInmate Inquiry

      • Resolve Traffic Ticket Issues

        Online Traffic Ticket Resolution Center The Mint Hill Police Department would like to assist its citizens by providing the link for the resolution of traffic tickets online. The Online Traffic Ticket Resolution Center for Mecklenburg County is

      • Sex Offender Registry Links

        Stay Alert To access the NC Department of Justice website, which allows you to sign up for email or phone notifications in regards to sex offenders in your area, visit: North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. To

    • Community Resources

      Mint Hill Police Switching Dispatching Centers Beginning July 1, 2013, the Mint Hill Police Department will contract with Pineville Police Department for dispatch services. The service will include any calls for police from the general public,

      • Citizens with Disabilities

        The Mint Hill Police Departments protects and serves all citizens of Mint Hill. We would like to offer the following information for any Mint Hill citizen(s) with disabilities can be found at the North Carolina Department

      • How to Register Your Alarm
      • Public Service Messages

        A Parent's Guide to At Home Alone Assault Prevention Back to School Checklist for Violence Prevention Domestic Violence - The Hidden Crime Girls and Drug Abuse Halloween Handout Home Invasion Home Security How Parents Can Prevent

      • FREE Community Shred Event

        Disposal of Confidential and Personal Documents The Mint Hill Police Department strongly recommends that all citizens of the Town of Mint Hill safely and securely dispose of documents which may contain personal or confidential information. Recommended

      • Jingle All the Way 5k

        We would like to make you aware of the vital role that the Volunteers in Police Service and the Police Explorers Post 545 play in helping people whose lives are impacted by the Mint Hill Police

      • Soles to Remember 5k

        What is Soles 2 Remember? Soles 2 Remember is an annual 5K event hosted by the Mint Hill Police Department with the help and support of local businesses in our area. Our purpose is to help

      • National Night Out

        National Night Out is a community-police awareness-raising event in the United States which is held annually on the first Tuesday in August. National Night Out was created to increase awareness about police programs in the community as

      • Operation Medicine Drop

        Operation Medicine Drop  Operation Medicine Drop is a collaborative effort of law enforcement, health and safety, substance abuse prevention, environmental and other organizations to reduce the number of accidental poisonings, curb drug abuse and protect our

    • Safeguarding your Family

      Crime Prevention Starts with You LOCK IT UP An unlocked door is an invitation for a thief.  Don't make it easy for them.  Even when locked up, don't leave valuables in view. WRITE IT DOWN Write

      • Back to School Safety
      • Citizens Well-Check

        The Mint Hill Police Department cares about the well-being of our citizens. A new Well-Check Program provides an opportunity for individuals, families, and others to have a weekly contact to ensure the individual's well-being. Once an

      • Disposing of Medicine

        The Mint Hill Police Department hosts several Operation Medicine Drop Rx events throughout the year in the Town of Mint Hill. The purpose of Operation Medicine Drop Rx is to help stop prescription drugs from falling

      • Emergency Notification System

        Emergency Management Notification System A new system is now available to all Mecklenburg County Residences to alert the communities during emergencies that may affect your neighborhood. This new system will be called "Char-Meck Alerts – Mint

      • FBI Links and Information

        Useful FBI Links and Information The FBI along with the Mint Hill Police Department would like to provide the citizens of Mint Hill of the following available applications to safeguard your family and children. FBI Headquarters

      • Guide to Securing Homes
      • Neighborhood Safety for Kids
    • Employment Information

      WHO WE ARE The Mint Hill Police Department is a professional department dedicated to protecting the local community, improving the quality of life and reducing crime. Compromised of 35 sworn police officers and 3 civilian employees,

      • Becoming A Police Officer

        JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENTPolice Officer The Town of Mint Hill, population 26,900, located in southeastern Mecklenburg County, isseeking qualified applicants for several police officer positions. Applicants must have a validN.C. driver's license, high school diploma or

        • BLET Sponsorship

          Basic Law Enforcement Training Sponsorship We sponsor individuals to attend BLET programs within the area. The first step is to enroll in a BLET program at a community college. Here are a few local colleges that

        • JRPAT Course Information

          Course Diagram and Instructions  Equipment: Stopwatch Mat (individual size) Foam Can Holder (4 inches in height) Chair Step Box (8 inches in height) Cones (2) Scoresheet  From a seated position, get up and run 200 yards,

      • Lateral Transfer Officers

        The hiring process is the same for all applicants, there is no abbreviated process for laterals, in or out-of-state. Out-of-state officers must have served in a full-time sworn capacity for more than two years and not

    • Permits/Forms


      • Alarm Permit

        Citizens can create or renew an alarm permit through the Cry Wolf Citizen's Portal at this website http://www.crywolfondemand.com/alarms/minthillnc/

      • Parade/Assembly Permit

        In order to host a parade or public assembly, a permit must be obtained and remain unrevoked. Applications for a permit shall be made in writing on a form prescribed 30 days before the commencement of

      • Soliciting/Peddling Permits

        The Town of Mint Hill requires that all peddlers, canvassers and solicitors apply for a permit before going door to door. The application process is administered by the Police Department's Criminal Investigations Division. Applicants must submit

      • Authorization to Act Form

        The Authorization to Act as Agent is for Retail Establishments only. This form allows any officer with our department authority to enforce any and all North Carolina Statutes on said property including the removal of unruly,

      • Keep Check Form

        The Town of Mint Hill would like to advise our citizens requesting to keep check of their property understands that this agreement from the dates indicated below does not constitute a promise by the Mint Hill

      • Noise Permit

        A noise permit allows for temporary sound amplification that otherwise would be in violation of the town ordinance. An application must be submitted to the Mint Hill Police Department 15 business days before the time requested.

    • Citizen Involvement

      Volunteers in Police Service Mint Hill Citizens Academy  Mint Hill Police Explorers 

      • Mint Hill Citizens Academy

        Today, the average citizen can have an inaccurate view of law enforcement, a view mainly derived from things they have read through social media and a view derived from a lack of real-world experience.  During this

      • Mint Hill Police Explorers

        Law Enforcement Career Exploring is open to young men and women ages 14 (and completed the 8th grade) and not yet 21 years old with an interest in learning more about careers in the field of

      • Volunteers In Police Service

        Benefits of Using Volunteers The Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) Program is a national program which provides support and resources for law enforcement agencies interested in developing or enhancing a volunteer program and for community members

    • Department Services

      Fingerprinting  Hiring An Off Duty Police Officer Claiming Lost Property 

      • Fingerprinting

        You must make an appointment for fingerprinting. Please call (704) 545-1085 to set up an appointment. Appointments are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. Fingerprint services are available to Mint Hill residents,

      • Hiring an Off Duty Police Officer

        In order to efficiently respond to requests for, and manage the employment of off-duty police officers, Mint Hill's Police Department has partnered with Off Duty Management to provide services related to hiring off-duty officers effective June

      • Claiming Property

        The Mint Hill Police Department is responsible for the collection and preservation of evidence during investigative procedures. If your criminal proceedings have officially completed, or your case has been dismissed, there is a possibility that some

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