Mint Hill, NC

Dispose of Leaves Properly

IT'S THE LAW... It is a violation of the Storm Water Quality Ordinance to blow leaves into the street where they will be washed in the storm drain system when it rains.  The storm drain system flows directly to storm drains, ditches, creeks, creek banks or other locations that will result in the waste flowing to the creek.  Fines are up to $5,000 per day.

IT'S NOT GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT...Leaves and other yard waste that enter the storm drain system and creek can cause blockages that result in flooding.  In addition, the leaves and yard waste will decompose in the creek creating conditions that are toxic to fish and other aquatic life.  Leaves piled along creek banks will smother vegetation that prevents the bank from eroding.

PROPERLY DISPOSE OF LEAVES and other yard waste in a compost bin in your yard for use in your garden. Also, please be aware that the Town of Mint Hill will collect yard waste with your curbside pick-up on your scheduled collection day provided you do the following:

  • Trim limbs to 5 feet long
  • Cut limbs and logs to 6 inches in diameter
  • Never place more than one pile of limbs 4 x 4 feet at the curb each week
  • Place leaves and grass clippings (10 bag limit) in plastic or paper bags
  • Limit the weight of bags and trash cans to 50 pounds each
  • Never place them in the street or gutter

For more information visit or call the Town of Mint Hill at 704-545-9726