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Sep 19
Price Gouging and Scammers

Mint Hill – Although Hurricane Florence made its presence known in many places across North and South Carolinas, the Town of Mint Hill faired very well with minimum destruction. First Responders along with the Public Works Department of Mint Hill responded to several calls for service regarding to trees down across streets and power lines, thereby leaving parts of this community without power for a short period of time. Natural disasters such as Hurricane Florence create scammers. Although the Mint Hill Police Department has not received any information regarding scammers or price gouging, we want the Mint Hill Community to be aware and take extra precautions of not becoming a victim of a scam artist.

The North Carolina Department of Justice and the Mint Hill Police Department would ask people if they have a concern of someone price gouging to please contact the North Carolina Department of Justice by filing an on-line complaint at www.ncdoj.gob/gouging . If you do not have access to the internet, you may contact their office at toll-free 1-877-5-NOSCAM. (66-7226). The NC Department of Justice has already received several complaints concerning price gouging of water and gasoline and these complaints are being investigated.

As people begin their clean-up efforts and home repairs, we also see an increase of home repair scams. Often, we see questionable contractors going door to door, offering to help rebuild quickly at a low price in exchange for a deposit for materials before work is performed. Once they have the deposit, they never return. Prevention is the best way to address these scams. The NC Department of Justice offer these tips if you need to hire a contractor for home repairs.

Get a referenceUse a reputable contractorAsk for the work to be performed in writing along with a quote for the workDo not pay for any work in advance

You can learn more about these tips by visiting this link:

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