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Where do I get a building permit?

Through an inter-local agreement with Mecklenburg County, all building permit activity in the Town of Mint Hill and the extra-territorial jurisdiction is provided by Mecklenburg County. Particularly, the Land Use and Environmental Services Agency (LUESA) of Mecklenburg County.

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What is an accessory structure?

A structure subordinate or incidental to the principal structure. Accessory structures include detached garages (with or without mother‐in‐law suites or rental cottages), storage buildings, pool houses, and material storage areas. An attached garage is also considered an accessory structure. An attached garage is one that is attached to the primary structure and provides storage for automobiles.

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What is conditional zoning?

Conditional Zoning applies when a Principal Permitted Use, listed in Article 5‐Section 5.2 of the Unified Development Ordinance designates "CD" in the chart. An approved Conditional Zoning application by the Board of Commissioners generates a Conditional District. This is a zoning district in which the development and use of the property will be subject to predetermined ordinance standards as well as any additional rules, regulations, and conditions included as part of the legislative decision.

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How do I get a permit to install a fence on my residential property?

A permit is not required for the installation of a fence. However, there are regulations found in our Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Section 6.9.2 that must be met. In general, with the exception of the Downtown Overlay District, the maximum height of a fence in the front yard is 5 feet, the side and rear yards can be a maximum of 7 feet. All fences should be placed in a manner so that they can be maintained on-site by the property owner. Fences cannot be placed in the right-of-way.

Category: Planning & Zoning

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