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ar Seat Program

Want to make sure your child's car seat is installed correctly? Mint Hill Police Department and various other neighboring agencies offer free Passenger Safety Seat programs to assist in educating you on the proper installation of your child's car seat. To view upcoming event dates click here.

Unused Medication Drop-Off

Unused or expired medicine can be dropped off during the year at one of six drop boxes. Matthews Police Dept lobby at 1201 Crews Rd. 24 hours a day, Mint Hill Police Dept Lobby on Matthews Mint Hill Rd 8:30am-5pm, CMPD Main on Trade St 8am-5pm and the Sheriff's Jail North Location on 5235 Spector Drive from 7am-7pm And two Walgreens locations at 8538 N Tryon and 6649 Morrison Blvd Please no syringes.

Business & Residential Knox Box

A Knox-Box, is a wall-mounted vault that holds building keys for Mint Hill Fire Department that can be used during emergency situations. MHFD holds the master key to all boxes. For information call 704-545-4866

10 reasons to install a Knox Box

  1. Eliminate needless, costly forced entry damage that may not be covered by your insurance deductible.
  2. Assure immediate building entry by firefighters without delay or waiting for building keys.
  3. Protect inventory, equipment and supplies from unnecessary water damage caused by delayed sprinkler shut-off.
  4. Satisfy local fire codes and emergency access ordinances.
  5. Save time and aggravation by not having to drive to your establishment at 2:00 am for a false alarm.
  6. Feel secure about emergency coverage when your building/residence is left unattended. The Fire Department holds the only key to the Knox-Box.
  7. Maintain building security after a fire alarm investigation by simply re-locking the undamaged door.
  8. Protect your property from thousands of dollars in damage with this one-time, low cost investment.
  9. Depend on the highest lock box security available with attack resistant, UL tested reliability.
  10. Over the last 27 years, Knox-Box has been the chosen solution in 7,000 communities nationwide – communities just like ours!

Address signs

Is your house address easy to find? Mint Hill Fire Department provides reflective signs with your home address numbers on it for $15. Call (704) 545-4866 for more information.


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