Mint Hill, NC

R-O-W Use Permits

As allowed by NC General Statute 160A-296, the Town regulates the use of its ROW including, but not limited to: installation of new and repair/upgrading of existing utilities; installation of new or modification of existing driveways (within the ROW); and landscaping and vegetation management. Any use of the Town's ROW beyond normal vehicular and pedestrian use (i.e. driving, bicycling, walking) requires approval. This requirement applies to all entities; commercial businesses, public and private utilities, and residential property owners.

Examples Of Row Use That Require A Town Of Mint Hill Row Use Permit Are:

  • New driveway connections (or modification of existing driveways other than routine maintenance)
  • Drainage modifications (such as piping in roadside ditches and replacement of driveway pipes/culverts)
  • Public and private utilities work (including new installations and repairs or upgrades to existing infrastructure)
  • Public/private utility service line installation
  • Any sort of street cut, for any reason
  • Modifications to the existing roadway (such as adding turn lanes or widening the roadway)
  • Special temporary uses
  • Essentially any use that alters the existing state of the right-of-way (either temporarily or permanently) below, above, or on the ground surface

Examples Of Row Uses That Don't Typically Require A Town Of Mint Hill Row Use Permit:

  • Routine lawn (grass) maintenance (note: landscaping features must be kept out of the ROW)
  • On-street parking
  • Mailbox installation/replacement (non-structural, i.e. brick/block)
  • Routine maintenance to driveways (such as resurfacing, crack repairs, etc.)

When in doubt as to whether a particular use will require a ROW Use Permit, please email the Town at and ask. Work that is performed within the ROW without a permit is subject to being stopped and removed at the owner's/contractor's expense.

Work Within Ncdot Row:

Work within NCDOT ROW does not require a Town ROW Use Permit (NCDOT will require an encroachment agreement). However, any work performed in the vicinity of Town infrastructure (i.e. sidewalks) within NCDOT ROW requires notification to the Town.

To Apply For A Row Use Permit:

  1. Download the latest version of the ROW Use Permit Application. Always obtain the latest version of the permit from this web page. Out-of-date permit applications will be rejected.
  2. Determine which streets in your project area are Town-maintained streets and which are maintained by other entities (i.e. NCDOT). Use the Town's street map for reference (CLICK HERE to download the map). Applicants are responsible for obtaining permits from other entities for their respective ROWs (the Town does not forward permit applications to other agencies). Only Town streets require a ROW Use Permit from the Town. All other streets require permission and/or permitting from their respective owner (i.e. NCDOT or private owner/developer).
  3. Complete the entire permit--either electronically or hand-written and scanned. If a section is not applicable to your project, mark it as "n/a." If the contractor information is not yet known, mark it as "TBD" (to be determined). Applications may be submitted without contractor information, but will be issued a contingent approval based upon receipt of contractor information. Failure to provide this info before beginning work may result in a stop work order.
  4. Review the "General Conditions for Working within Town ROW" on page 2 of the permit.
  5. Electronically submit your application via email to Applications are not accepted by any other delivery means. Ensure all applicable info is included with the application such as the project plans. NOTE: due to email restrictions, attachments larger than 8MB can not be accepted. If your attachments are larger than 8MB, reduce the file size or use a file sharing service (such as DropBox) and send a link to download the files.
  6. Applications will typically be reviewed and responded to within 2 to 3 business days, however, applicants should allow a minimum of one week for a response.


At this time, there is no permit application fee.