Mint Hill, NC

Submitting a Traffic Safety Concern

The Mint Hill Police Department encourages the public to report traffic safety concerns.  Online reporting can be found here. Traffic Concern

Rear end collisions and failure to yield during left turn’s combined are contributing to nearly 50% of all crashes investigated by the Mint Hill Police Department. Rear end crashes are a product of excessive speed, following too closely and distracted driving. Since 2020, MHPD has faced a crash increase of nearly 25% year to date (August 2023). 

Key Factors Contributing to Vehicle Crashes

  1. Inattention and carelessness to the local roadway infrastructure from those not residing in Mint Hill and likely less familiar with Mint Hill.
  2. Inattention and speeding due to time constraints associated with motorists “rushing” travelling through the area for work, etc.
Traffic Resources
NHTSA | National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
N.C. Department of Transportation (