Mint Hill, NC

Jingle all the Way 5K

We would like to make you aware of the vital role that the Volunteers in Police Service and the Police Explorers Post 545 play in helping people whose lives are impacted by the Mint Hill Police Department. This important work is supported largely but the support of generous donors who contribute to our annual Jingle All The Way 5K Run/Walk. Without the continued support of generous donors like you, these needs will likely go unmet. 

The VIPS Program provides support and resources for agencies interested in developing or enhancing a volunteer program and for citizens who wish to volunteer their time and skills with a community law enforcement agency. The program's ultimate goal is to enhance the capacity of state, local, campus, tribal and territorial law enforcement to utilize volunteers. The VIPS staff shares information and resources with law enforcement agencies that want to expand their programs, increase the use of volunteers in existing programs and help citizens learn about and become involved in the VIPS Program.

Law Enforcement Exploring provides educational training programs for your adults on the purposes, mission and objectives of law enforcement. The program provides career orientation experiences, leadership opportunities and community service activities. The primary goals of the program are to help young adults choose a career path within law enforcement and to challenge them to become responsible citizens of their communities and the nation. 

In order to continue making a difference in the lives of individuals affected by the work of the volunteers in Police Services and Police Explorer Post 545, it is vital for this year's Jingle All The Way 5K to be a success. We invite everyone to join us for this year's Run/Walk in order to support this noble and essential cause. 

Whether you are looking to donate or sign up to participate, the VIPS and Police Explorer Post 545 are depending on your assistance and generosity in the Jingle All The Way 5K Run/Walk. Please be assured that your contribution will be put to good use to provide assistance to the volunteers and the Mint Hill Police Department's Explorer Post 545. Thank you for your consideration and continued support.

For more information, email Captain Marnee Moberg.