Mint Hill, NC

Claiming Property

The Mint Hill Police Department is responsible for the collection and preservation of evidence during investigative procedures. If your criminal proceedings have officially completed, or your case has been dismissed, there is a possibility that some of your seized evidence may be eligible for release; unless it still has evidentiary value. Unfortunately, the release of property is typically not a quick process and will require you to schedule time at a later date to pick up the property with the Evidence Technician.

If you are seeking the release of property or evidence that was seized or recovered by the Mint Hill Police Department, including lost and found property, you must start by contacting the Evidence Technician. Personal belongings such as: cell phones, purses, miscellaneous property may be released by the District Attorney's Office once a case has completed legal proceedings.

The release of firearms requires additional steps for release and can take much longer to release. Firearms will only be released to owners who can legally possess them.

If you have property that you have found in the Town of Mint Hill, you may choose to bring it in to the Mint Hill Police Department.

If you have property that you have lost, feel free to check with the Mint Hill Police Department to see if it has been turned in as Found Property. If you are able to successfully identify or show proof that the property is yours; then every effort will be made to ensure your property is returned to you.