Mint Hill, NC

2020 Local Heroes To Remember

January 25, 2021
BY:  Jessica Mentzer

MINT HILL, NC – In our community, many citizens are working hard to make a difference. There are two very important gentlemen that are making a difference in the way that we are able to “play” through the current pandemic. They are the silent heroes that have amazing stories. These two gentlemen have dedication, love, and support for the Town of Mint Hill. Each evening one of them takes care of the essential duties that need to be completed to keep the Veterans Memorial Park shining for the next day. Ron Tanner and Mike Lemmon are two amazing gentlemen that are working each day to keep us safe and able to get out and enjoy the park.

Mr. Tanner and Mr. Lemmon not only keep the park looking wonderful by removing the trash, keeping the dog baggies full, and cleaning the facilities, but also make sure that park-goers are following the safety rules that allow us to enjoy the park at its full capacity. During the pandemic, Veterans Memorial Park was able to stay “open” for a majority of the time. Without these men and the role that they play in the upkeep and care of the park, that would not have been possible. Without them, our parks would not be kept in the amazing condition as they are.

As you enter the park to enjoy the facility, you often see the security cart riding around the park. Either Ron or Mike is behind the wheel. Both of these gentlemen stepped up in a big way when we all needed it most. As stores, restaurants, gyms, and more started to close down, more and more people started to seek out parks for activities. Together, Mike and Ron made a difference in the community and will forever be seen as heroes to the citizens of Mint Hil and the surrounding areas. Ron Tanner and Mike Lemmon deserve recognition for their work ethic when we needed them most.

Mr. Ron Tanner is one of the respectful gentlemen that you will meet. He enjoys working at the park and interacting with the citizens, but most of all Mr. Tanner loves meeting the dogs. Many of the dogs coming to walk with their humans have gotten to know him so much so that when they hear his cart coming they get very excited. These dogs know that he is prepared with treats, so the noise of that cart and the smiling face of Ron makes a trip to the park for every member of the family an experience that they  look forward to. It takes a very special person not only to work through one of the toughest times in our history, but to also remain positive, making sure everyone follows the rules, keeping park goers safe during their visit, and keeping the park sanitized for each of us to fully enjoy. He is a local hero that Mint Hill thanks for his continued service.

Mr. Mike Lemmon takes the safety of the park very seriously. Even before the pandemic became a part of our lives, he was dedicated to the safety and cleanness of the park. When the new guidelines became a part of our everyday lives, Mike took the challenge head-on. He made it his top priority to keep everyone safe with sanitizing, promoting distancing, and park upkeep. Mr. Lemmon also made sure that the four-legged friends of the park and their owners were safe by sanitizing the dog-friendly disposal systems along with equipment around the park, ensuring that all the friends and families of Veterans Memorial Park were able to get out and enjoy nature when they needed it most in their life.

It was a huge concern with the number of people seeking out parks that the facilities would not be able to handle the workload, but Veterans Memorial Park has some of the most outstanding dedicated heroes that deserve a “Thank You” from each of us. Mr. Ron Tanner and Mr. Mike Lemmon, “We Thank You for Your Service!”