Mint Hill

Robin McCombs

Human Resources Director

Contact Details:
Robin McCombs
4430 Mint Hill Village Lane
Mint Hill, NC 28227
Phone: (704) 545-9726
Fax: (704) 545-0802

Robin was named Human Resources Director in January 2007.  Her areas of responsibility include recruitment and selection, benefits, compensation, employee training, and risk management.  In addition, she works closely with the Town Manager ensuring compliance with federal and state laws as well as personnel policy and classification changes.

Robin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources from Barton College in Wilson, NC.  She is certified as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) by the Society for Human Resource Management and is a Certified Professional (IPMA-CP) with the International Personnel Management Association.

Robin and her husband, Jeff, reside in Concord, NC.

Tags: Human Resources Administrative Human Resources Director

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